Restaurants You Don’t Beleive Exist

Restaurants You Don’t Beleive Exist.

I personally think our best videos are those that scare you half to death or make you really hungry, and this one well. This could go either way., Whether you’re curious to add a new destination to your travel list, or you want an eyebrow-raising list of interesting places around the world to share you’re sure to find what you need.

These Top 10. Restaurants, You Won’t Believe Exist is just what you need as a pick-me-up and an appetizer, But before we get started, why not become an archivist today by clicking that subscribes button and notification bell, so you don’t miss out on any future uploads If you end up enjoying This video, let us know by giving it a thumbs up and tell us in the comment section, tell us which restaurant you’d like to visit the most 10. Heart Attack Grill USA.

This restaurant is named after what my mother calls. Every fast-food restaurant she’s ever been to since I was a child. For her, it was a way to dissuade us from going, but for this place, it’s the best marketing they could’ve gotten.

. It doesn’t have an “unhealthy diner” theme, but a hospital one where waitresses are nurses that take prescriptions, not orders and the menu items include the Double and Triple Bypass Burgers, as well as other crowds. Favorites with quirky names.

Finished your TBB and can’t move No worries. They will deliver you and chuck you inside your car via wheelchair., In an interesting tactic. If you weigh 350 pounds or more you get to eat for free Now.

This is all fun and games until someone has a real heart attack, oh wait! That actually happened at their Las Vegas branch.. Hopefully, he was okay and that incident stayed in Vegas… 9.

Modern Toilet Taiwan. Ah, Taiwan making headlines all over the place. Food is their specialty and whether it’s delicious or weird they’re, the ones you call when you want to open a world-famous restaurant.

. So when someone decided to open a Poop-themed restaurant in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan was the place to open it. Modern Toilet was inspired by a Japanese cartoon character who loved to “play with poop”.

So what kind of experience does it offer? Well, first of all, the seats are toilets, the plates are, toilet-shaped, drinks are urinal-shaped and the foods are all made to look like poop. Taste-wise, though they made the wise decision of making it taste really good. 8.

Ninja New York. USA Sushi is such a big part of American culture that you can now get a genuine experience without ever going to Japan.

In fact, at Ninja, New York you’ll find a replica of a ninja village with maze-like eating areas, contraptions, and, of course, ninjas. They’re, not just serving you reluctantly, either they’ll drop from the ceiling backflip and even appear from puffs of smoke…

Now don’t get it wrong. They’Re way beyond just sushi. It’s some high-end stuff.

, They serve calamari, tempura, teriyaki, chicken, and, of course, a good time. 7. Black Ant New York USA, If you’re ever in New York and looking for some Mexican food with a twist, try the Black Ant Restaurant…

No, this isn’t just a trendy name for a regular restaurant. It’s setting expectations. Long before you arrive at the location. When you get there you’re going to be served ants for dinner.

. Some of their dishes include black ant guacamole with black ant salt and even sometimes include grasshoppers… The restaurant has a variety of dishes, mostly Mexican-inspired, and not all including insects.

, Though, if you’re going to go to the Black Ant restaurant for anything besides the insects on the menu you might as well just hit up the local food truck right. 6. Hajime Robot Restaurant, Thailand, We’ve now seen nurses and ninjas.

What other types of servers could we mention on this list? How about robots Hajime located in Thailand has dancing robots that serve Japanese foods, including sushi and barbecue, and even pick up your trays once you’ve finished. The food according to reviews isn’t anything to rave about, but the robot experience surely is, If you’re itching to see what The robot-filled future looks like Hajime makes it look rather pleasant., In fact, can I have one of those and will it clean my house Who do I make the check out to 5. SafeHouse Milwaukee? You know when you just can’t get a movie out of your head.

You saw it and you’ve already told your friends about it, but you still can’t stop thinking about it… I suspect that’s what happened to the Milwaukee owner of this movie-themed restaurant.

Spy movies are the theme and there is no limit to the madness. From spy memorabilia on the walls to actual secret doorways, including the door to the restaurant, which requires a passcode… Take a look at the menu and consider the Bourne Identity, Salad, or the Double Agent Burger, the biggest traitor of all the burgers, and if you’re feeling loose get a spy-tini made in a shaker that you’ll find floating around the room via a vacuum.

Tube., The attention to detail is top-notch 4. Ithaa Maldives, If you’re in the Maldives, good on you for traveling, But also don’t forget to hit this restaurant named Ithaa.

. Why You’ll feel like you’re, just another fish in the sea, as you …

eat other fish in the sea.? Ok, that was not a great expression to use. I see that now.

, Regardless, what better way to eat seafood than among them at five meters below sea level? No wetsuit is needed The transparent walls of the restaurant, make you feel like you’re in a little air tank for the fish to watch you. The name of the restaurant translates to “Mother of Pearl” and was named the “most beautiful restaurant in the world” by the New York Daily News. Menu items include mango and papaya, salad, grilled fish lobster carpaccio, and mandarin sherbet.

  1. Dinner in the sky. After you go to the Maldives and eat underwater head to the restaurant, where you can eat outdoors above everyone else, 150 feet above to be precise. While they first started in Belgium, they’re now in Canada, China, the United States, and France. How can you dine 150 feet above the ground? Well, with a crane., No worries it’s, totally safe. The catch Well, it’s $ 300 per person for one. I still think it’s worth it though. And if you don’t think you’ll have an appetite up there. They also offer Lounge in the Sky pretty much the same just with music and champagne. 2. Treetop Dining Thailand. If you’re, looking for a more tropical vibe to eat above head to Thailand, where you can dine like you’re in a giant bird’s, nest.

, So big that you really wouldn’t want to meet the bird who lives there., The restaurant is called Treetop Dining and is at the Soneva Kiri Resort. They’re not quite 150 feet above the ground just 16, but each one offers a private experience for two..

You can order from the menu of Thai foods and drinks, which will then be delivered via zip line. 1. O’Naturel. If you’re a huge fan of Top10Archive, you may have remembered us mentioning the restaurant, where you could eat your meal off a naked body.

. Well, in this scenario, you ARE the naked body At O’Naturel’s in Paris, France, which sadly closed its doors in February of 2019, was one of the only places in the world where you could sit down and enjoy a 5-star meal amongst your friends while wearing your birthday. Suit. For hygienic reasons, the kitchen staff was fully clothed and teenagers accompanied by an adult must be fully clothed for obvious reasons.

. Above all, the food was actually good with lobster being one of their main. Dishes.

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